OPTIMA NOVA 獅王毛球清除配方乾貓糧

OPTIMA NOVA 獅王毛球清除配方乾貓糧

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OPTIMA NOVA 獅王毛球清除配方乾貓糧 2Kg/8Kg
OPTIMA NOVA Cat Hairball Chicken & Rice Dry Cat Food

SUPER PREMIUM FOOD FOR ADULT CATS. SPECIALLY developed to promote the passage and expulsion of hairballs.

Optimanova Cat Hairball is designed to aid cats who are prone to form hair balls by making the digestion more effective. Its special formula with its “dragnet” effect prevents hairs from accumulating in your cat's body, facilitating digestion and preventing any obstructions or digestive complications in the future.


  • In-house production using 100% natural ingredients from officially approved suppliers of meat for human consumption.
  • High quality fresh chicken meat, with no added preservatives, colorings or artificial flavor enhancers. Contains natural anti-oxidants (tocopherols) and vitamins A, E and C.
  • One single source of animal protein.
Fresh chicken (40%), dehydrated chicken meat (30%), rice (10 %), Maize, chicken oil, hydrolysed chicken liver (5%), Maize gluten, beetroot pulp, vegetable fibres, yeast, potato protein, fish oil, sodium chloride, malt extract, sodium polyphosphates, Inuline (0,1%, source of fructooligosaccharides), Manano-oligosaccharides (0.1%),potassium chloride.