OPTIMA NOVA 幼獅子母孕育配方乾貓糧

OPTIMA NOVA 幼獅子母孕育配方乾貓糧


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OPTIMA NOVA 幼獅子母孕育配方乾貓糧 2Kg
OPTIMA NOVA Chicken & Rice Dry Kitten Food

SUPER PREMIUM CAT FOOD For growing kittens aged 2 -12 months. Also suitable for pregnant cats and nursing mother cats

Optimanova Kitten Chicken & Rice is specially formulated to provide the maximum nourishment during the first months of life during the nursing stage. This product helps to protect the immune system and stimulates a healthy growth and development of your cat, avoiding possible future cardiac or digestive problems.


  • In-house production using 100% natural ingredients from officially approved suppliers of meat for human consumption.
  • High quality fresh chicken meat, with no added preservatives, colorings or artificial flavor enhancers. Contains natural anti-oxidants (tocopherols) and vitamins A, E and C.
  • One single source of animal protein.

Fresh chicken (40%), dehydrated chicken meat (30%), Maize, rice (12 %), hydrolysed chicken liver (5%), chicken oil, rice protein, beetroot pulp, yeast, oil, sodium chloride, sodium polyphosphates, cellulose, potassium chloride, Inuline (0,1%, source of fructo-oligo saccharides), Manano-oligosaccharides (0.1%), potassium chloride.